Introducing the Dairy Sustainability Framework

The Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF) resulted from an initiative undertaken by the dairy sector to align globally on key sustainability activities in a coherent way. With the success of the GDAA initiative and the increased knowledge gained from the implementation of programs focused on GHG’s, the GDAA saw the emerging requirement for a more holistic approach to sustainability.

In parallel, stakeholders ranging from NGOs to food processors and retailers to governments were taking an interest in the dairy sector’s approach to sustainability. Organizations across the dairy sector have been active in developing tools and initiatives aimed at maximizing positive and minimizing negative impacts on the environment, communities, and for consumers. These initiatives have largely been developed at regional or local levels and have not benefited from the knowledge gained from similar initiatives across the globe.

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This presentation explains the development of the Dairy Sustainability Framework and this next step in the sector's sustainability journey as it strives to meet the global food challenges of the 21st Century in a sustainable way.

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Download and share the DSF brochure with other dairy sector stakeholders to enhance the collaboration of global sustainability efforts and the development of a coordinated approach at both a local and global level.

Dairy Sustainability Vision...

A vibrant dairy sector committed to continuously improving its ability to provide safe and nutritious products from healthy cattle, whilst:

1. Preserving natural resources

2. Ensuring decent livelihoods across the industry

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The Global Dairy Agenda for Action

The Global Dairy Agenda for Action on Climate Change is a statement of commitment by the dairy supply chain to take action to address climate change.

The dairy supply chain is committed to providing consumers with the nutritious dairy products they want, in a way that is economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible. This includes reducing emissions of greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide that are associated with the production of a unit of dairy product and which contribute to climate change.

The dairy supply chain recognised the need to work together in order to address this significant challenge. Climate change initiatives have already been launched around the world, but the signatories and participants of the Agenda for Action identified the need to pool knowledge and resources to achieve the changes in technology and practice needed to further reduce emissions.

In response to growing awareness and understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change, the signatories and participants of this Agenda for Action also recognised the need to raise awareness on the role of dairy production in climate change, as well as the contribution that dairy farming and dairy products make to global nutritional, social and economic wellbeing.

The result is that, for the first time, a wide range of dairy farming and industry organisations, national and regional dairy associations, and companies from throughout the dairy supply chain, have come together in a united effort to address this important challenge.

The Agenda for Action has been developed with input from across the dairy supply chain and from a wide range of dairy producing countries, including developing countries, and was signed at the World Dairy Summit in Berlin on 24 September 2009.

Along with the Green Paper cataloguing specific initiatives and commitments, the Agenda for Action is a living document that will provide a platform for future cooperation and action by the dairy supply chain. It is expected that the actions and commitments recorded will develop over time as the dairy supply chain works together alongside other stakeholders to achieve the objectives originally set out.